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Alaska Sportfishing Adventures, LLC


Carol Dooley is the owner of the charter vessel the M/V Never Enough and owner & operator of Alaska Sportfishing Adventures, LLC which was created in 2004. Alaska Sportfishing Adventures, LLC acts as a booking agency for the M/V Never Enough and other sub-contracted charter vessels to provide charter fishing services to cruise ship passengers and visitors to the port of Ketchikan.


Carol is a longtime local Alaskan whose family moved to Ketchikan back in 1964. Carol grew up working under her parents who were pioneers in tourism in SE Alaska back in the 1970's and 1980's. Carols father Ollie Hanger was recognized as a pioneer in Tourism in SE Alaska by Alaska's 19th legislature back in 1994. Her mother Marge Hanger owned and operated a tour and charter fishing company back in the 1980's and 1990's where Carol worked coordinating tours and charters for 14 years. Carol has always enjoyed the outdoors in SE Alaska growing up hiking, camping and of course sport fishing at every opportunity.


Carol has over 30 year's experience in tourism and has a vast knowledge of the local visitor and charter fishing industry. She is also familiar with many of the local fishing lodges in the area and has a wealth of local knowledge and connections with Tour Operators, Hotels, Restaurants and of course Fish Processors.

Carol will be happy to assist you with making reservations, Captain and boat selections, submitting custom fish processing orders, arranging for meeting times and transfers and any special requests for disabled folks, families with children or accommodating senior citizens.

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