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Fishing Seasons

May & June we fish for King Salmon which are also known as Chinook Salmon, Black Mouth Salmon or Spring Salmon. King Salmon are highly prized for their size, fighting spirit and delectable taste and texture. In the Ketchikan area King Salmon run an average size of about 15 to 20 pounds, trophy size 40 plus pounds. King salmon fishing is catch & release until June 15th of each year. Retention of King salmon is subject to change by in season orders from the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game. Daily bag limit of 0 to 1 King salmon per person, per day. 

July & August we fish for Pink Salmon. Pink Salmon are quite plentiful and have mild flavored pink meat which is quite good for smoking. Pink Salmon average size is 3 to 7 pounds. Daily bag limit of 6 Pink Salmon per person, per day.

August & September we fish for Silver Salmon also known as Coho Salmon. Silver Salmon are known for being acrobatic jumpers, pound for pound one of the best fighting fish available. Silvers have bright red meat with strong flavor and high oil content. Average size 5 to 10 pounds. Trophy Size 15 plus pounds. Daily bag limit of 6 Silver Salmon per person, per day.

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